"Table" Layout
Character Sheet
Supporting Tables
Demo Data (Belgariad)

Welcome to the Rolemaster: Electronic Companion Web Page.

As of this moment, I have very little time to dedicate to the project, let alone this web page, so most of what you see will be presented in a more utility fashion. Just get the data documented and public is all I care about right now. When time allows, I'll come back and make these pages nice and spiffy, but right now it's much more important to me to finish the actual project, being RMEC.

After spending many hours deciding how to approach such a large project, that being a complete Electronic Companion to RoleMaster, including keeping track of Character Sheets, Adventures, Campaigns, Worlds, Combat, etc, I decided that I was spending far too much time designing and not getting anything done. After it was obvious that a complete companion was too monolithic, I decided to cut way back to a simple Character Sheet, which was the biggest and probably the most important part of the Companion anyway. Once this is complete, I might decide to go back to the monolithic project, but we'll see...

Also, this might be important, I haven't really gotten used to RMSS/RMFRP, so this Electronic Companion will strictly be a RM2 aide. Perhaps in the future, I may update it to a RMSS Companion, but that is a long ways off.

Any questions or suggestions should be mailed to jedimaster@jediwars.com